Burlington Downtown Car Show – Post Event Musings

The third year of our annual car show held on Brant Street was an unprecedented success, breaking all previous year records.

The weather was perfect.

Jeep Willys Mini & 71 Datsun 240Z

Our goal was to display 150 cars on the street to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. Up from 118 last year.

Final count: 160 cars showcased. Vehicles ranged from a 1910 McLaughlin Buick to a 2017 Corvette Z06. Lots of every age and type of automobile were on display.  The show is themed a celebration of the automobile and it truly lived up to its moniker.

Muscle Cars on display

Muscle Cars on display

Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring officially opened the event and commented on how it has become an important contributing element to summer in the city.

The Burlington Lions Club are our community partner and their members were visible throughout the day offering information and answering questions about activities at the event and the local area.

A businessman and entrepreneur, known to have a “collection” of exotic vehicles, was contacted to see if he would help organize a display of rare sports cars for the event.  These rolling works of art to be showcased on the terrace at city hall.  He and fourteen of his colleagues showed up with an amazing collection of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLarens and other rarities.

Ford GT among super exotics on display

Ford GT among super exotics on display

Attendance at this year’s event was an estimated 30,000 – up from 20,000 in 2016. A 50% increase in one year!

A local group of very talented young musicians provided afternoon entertainment for show goers.

Local merchants along Brant Street offered sidewalk sales and were instrumental in helping to promote the event by displaying our poster in their shops in the weeks leading up to the show.


Vendors at the show offered a wide variety of products and services making the show a true community event.  Vendor participation was up 300% over previous years.

Sponsors participation and financial support remain a key factor in the success of the event.

The shops and restaurants along Brant Street were busy all day, making the local merchants very happy.

Everything ran smoothly throughout the day.

The event was promoted though the power of digital media and viral marketing demonstrating the importance of connecting with the community.

The following week our telephone and emails at the Driven Marketing offices were flooded with people thanking us and commenting on the great time they had at the 3rd annual Burlington Downtown Car show.  As a result, we are open for business for Saturday July 7th, 2018.

To conclude, a big thank you to all those attended with their vehicles.  You are the stars of the show and the ones that make it so successful.

Car crowds and a good time had by all

Car crowds and a good time had by all

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