We are actively seeking sponsors for 2023

Program Sponsor Partnerships

Our approach to our corporate sponsorship relationships is to market your brand through all of our Car Community channels including this website, social media, podcasts, webinars, virtual events, as well as presence in the program itself.   Our aim is to provide an experience that follows attendees throughout the year and demonstrates both Burlington Car Show’s and its corporate sponsors’ commitment to quality programming.

Our Burlington Car Show offers a broad range of custom corporate sponsorship packages which tie your brand to our car show community.

Sponsorship packages available upon request.

Sponsors of all types have benefitted from partnering with this show in past years.

Sponsored area of 2022 Burlington car show

For more information about how your company or brand can benefit from your affiliation with the Burlington Car Show Community, please contact;

Ron Baker

Tele: 647-558-2015 Office

Email:  rbaker@drivenorg.com